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‘Living Well in Lockdown’ online session summary

Thank you to everyone who registered and joined us on our ‘Living Well in Lockdown’ zoom connect yesterday. What I enjoyed the most was seeing a group which comprised of our tribe, people from a few of our clients, and then others who had found us online and decided to join. This is certainly the power of the online gathering.

Our first port of call was to check in on where people were at. In completing the sentence: ‘During lockdown I have felt’ it was plain to see that we are all experiencing a wide range of emotions. Everything from at peace, to tired, grateful, overwhelmed, uncertain, to feeling like life hadn’t changed much given one’s personal context before lockdown.

Our conversation was then broken up into two themes:

  1. Our external environment. What are we doing to bring structure and order to the environment around us to navigate lockdown well?
  2. Our inner world. How do we navigate the emotions that we are feeling internally?

As we kicked off the discussion, focussing on point 1. We all resonated with the idea that regardless of where we are at, living well in lockdown is about how we continue to live out our values within our home environments. If we value, for example, adventure, then this time is an opportunity for us to consider how to bring adventure into our environments when we would typically be adventuring ‘out there’. As another participant said, this time is not about ‘what we should be doing better’ but rather ‘what we should be doing differently.’ It appears we are all restoring the art of asking ourselves questions around our status quo and then remaining curios as to what the answer is, trying different things and finding out what works.   

That being said, we reminded ourselves that this is a unique journey for each individual, or each family. There is no use in comparing how you are doing with what everyone else is doing, especially if you spend time browsing social media channels. Sure, you can glean insight and creative ways to engage in lockdown, but as soon as you start to compare, anxiety and guilt can very easily rise to the surface. We need to give ourselves grace to try new things, fail and learn. There are, of course, going to be days when it all goes awry.

Some of the more practical suggestions which we enjoyed were allocating spaces to certain activities, such as work, quiet time, reading and play time so as to feel like you have ‘locations’ to go to within the boundaries of one’s home. Further to this, linking back to the ‘living well in lockdown video’ which Travis released, was the importance of a routine and inclusion of important elements such as exercise. Then, of course, there is wine…

In shifting to our inner worlds, and linking back to Célia’s article, on grieving and acceptance, we reiterated the need to give ourselves permission to feel what we are feeling. This resonated with the group. Our emotions are real and need to be considered, rather than pushed away, minimised or ignored. This then provides us the opportunity to work with those emotions, and in going back to a statement from earlier on in the conversation, ask ourselves what we can do differently as a means to deal with those emotions. Cél’s three questions posed at the end of her article help us take next steps in this regard.

It’s all intertwined. As we devise strategies for navigating this in our external environments, it helps us deal with our inner world. As we explore what we are feeling in our inner world, we devise new ways to approach our external environment and get clearer on what we need. We have two weeks left to continue the journey, and perhaps even more.

Lastly, as we consider what it takes to live well in lockdown, we have to remain aware of the plight of many of those who have very little choice over what their lockdown experience looks like. Whilst we need to be cautious around how we engage with each other at this time, we really do need to look for ways to support those who are resourced and able to work with those in need in our city.

Written by Travis Gale.

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