team building

5 Objectives of Team Building: How To Bring Your Employees Together

Does it seem like your employees are only going through the motions? Keep in mind that the workplace environment and culture contribute a lot to an employee’s decision to stay or quit their job. Among the top reasons behind this include their relationships with their boss or their co-workers. Another is if the employee feels that their contributions to the …

how to increase employee engagement

How to Increase Employee Engagement: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Did you know that only 32% of people consider themselves positively engaged with their job? But the companies who have successfully prioritized employee engagement outperform by 202% over those with low engagement. It’s clear that employee engagement is a highly successful tool that 2/3 businesses are not utilizing. So the question is, are you doing enough to help your team …

being an effective leader

5 Dynamic Steps to Being an Effective Leader

A person can be in a position of power or authority without having the first clue about being a leader. There is a huge difference between the two. Being an effective leader takes work and dedication. It is less about what you accomplish and more about what you can inspire others to do. Keep reading for 5 steps to becoming …

5 Tangible Benefits of Hiring an Executive Coach

For many businesses, their executive team is more than the leadership of the company. Their leadership may be the face of the company and the embodiment of the brand. Since management represents the highest level of experience and expertise some businesses hesitate at investing more in coaching these executives. But with the South African economy facing higher scrutiny from investors …

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How crisis, challenge and cause catalyse organisational culture.

During 2012, I was privileged to spend a day walking around the city of Jerusalem with a Jewish woman by the name of Rachel. She was an archaeologist, which meant that the day was fascinating to say the least! We explored ruins, looked at old walls and ended the day by looking at artefacts that were discovered from all over …

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4 Ways To Create A Great Organizational Culture

My university Philosophy professor once posed an interesting question to the class. If you compare a jumbo jet and a jar of mayonnaise, one is a complex system and the other a complicated system. Which one is which? A basic mayo recipe only contains a few simple ingredients including egg yolks and oil, whereas a jumbo jet consists of thousands …

Thula Time

For most of us, the lives we currently lead are frantic and busy. We are faced with activity and information overload almost ALL the time.

Diversity (and its silent enemy, Shame)

When I was around the age of 8 or 9, I experienced shame. There was one thing about my dad that made me feel really uncomfortable and self-conscious. All my friends’ dads had a full crop of hair while my dad was bald.

Family vs. High Performing Sports Team

Many organisations use the term ‘family environment’ to depict the employee experience. These environments at their core value people and create warm and inclusive environments. They also look after their employees, include accessible and transparent leadership and deal with mistakes made by individuals as a collective.