3 Ways to Live Well in Lockdown and Beyond

How do we live well during this 21-day period and beyond?

We have all been inundated with information, advice, free offerings, insight and articles on everything from parenting, to 21-day challenges, remote working, along with deeper topics such as dealing with anxiety and fear. Travis needed to distill it all and determine a strategy which he could apply, rather than reacting to all the input from the world.

He landed on these 3 ways to Live Well in Lockdown.

An invitation: Join Appletree on Thursday, 2nd April from 9 – 10am, for a connect around how to live well in lockdown. We will explore the various emotions that lockdown and COVID-19 has brought to the surface, and share strategies we have put in place to navigate this time. We are keen to hear your thoughts.

The meeting is free.

Registration link: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/v5Mu…

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