The Importance of Organisational Culture: 5 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Company Culture

Culture is the glue of society. When culture is missing, things fall apart.

A mere 13% of employees worldwide say they’re engaged at work. Much of that traces back to poor company culture, which forces employees to spend miserable hours working for a company that seems not to care about them. That alone underscores the importance of organisational culture.

Let’s take a look at 5 more reasons why you should focus on company culture.

1. Attracting Talent

Not all employees are created equal and valuable employees know their worth.

The more skill an employee has, the more likely they are to place value on company culture when they’re switching to a new job. If your culture is lacking or is toxic, then you can expect that talent to look elsewhere.

That leaves you short of the expertise you need and hands it over to your competitors.

2. Employee Retention 

It’s no use attracting talent if you can’t retain it.

Companies waste thousands in labour hours and abandoned projects thanks to employee turnover. Expertise leaking out of the company can leave it under-equipped for its market.

A positive company culture helps retain employees by making work a productive and even happy place to be. Why would they look anywhere else?

3. Promoting Wellbeing

Maybe it sounds too touchy-feely for a company looking to turn a profit, but there is more to life than making quick cash.

Many companies are waking up to the role they play in their employees’ lives. It’s a simple fact that employees will spend vast portions of their lives in a company environment.

A company that’s serious about treating people right needs to look to its internal culture first. Making your company a place employees want to be is the first step to a better working life for everyone. 

4. Building Brand Ambassadors

One of the cheapest forms of marketing available to a company is the good word put out by its employees.

But employees only become brand ambassadors when they feel passionate about a company. They won’t feel that way without a positive company culture.

By bringing more positivity into your organisational company, you can create employees who are happy to sing the praises of your company even when they’re off the clock. 

5. Reaching Your Customers

Have you considered that your internal culture can even affect your sales?

It’s true. Consumers are now on the hunt for ethical brands, weighing up their purchases on more than the quality and price of the product / service on offer. That focus on ethics also extends to a company’s culture and treatment of its employees.

That’s why you’ve started to see more articles about poor internal culture. In turn, that switches customers off from companies with a bad reputation and on to their alternatives…your competition.

The Importance of Organisational Culture

These are only 5 reasons to embrace the importance of organisational culture, but they’re powerful ones. Culture lies at the heart of a successful modern business, so spend the time to get it right.

Ready to develop your company culture? Then we’re ready to help.

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