5 Dynamic Steps to Being an Effective Leader

A person can be in a position of power or authority without having the first clue about being a leader. There is a huge difference between the two.

Being an effective leader takes work and dedication. It is less about what you accomplish and more about what you can inspire others to do.

Keep reading for 5 steps to becoming an effective leader and to learn how to inspire those you hope to lead.

1. Lead By Example

You can say all the right things but if it’s just lip service and you don’t follow through in action you won’t inspire confidence in you or in those you are trying to inspire.

The Navy Seal creed states in part “I serve with honor and integrity on and off the battlefield, I lead by example in all situations.”

Whether you’re leading your team onto the battlefield or into the next great phase for your company, integrity and honor in all your dealings will only happen if you are their example in action and deed.

2. Being a Great Leader Requires Listening Skills

Leaders who listen not only help others feel valued as individuals but make the team stronger collectively.

Someone who feels like they are heard and appreciated will devote more time and energy into the task at hand. Simply listening to individual ideas can motivate and inspire each person to think and contribute more.

85% of what we know, we learned through listening. You can have all the degrees in the world but that doesn’t necessarily make you smart. Knowledge comes from listening and implementing the things you learn.

You will build a stronger team by listening to their needs, investing time and energy into them and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each person on the team.

3. Be Willing to Learn

There is no shame in admitting you were wrong. In fact, that may be your saving grace when overcoming problems. There’s no progress if you’re not willing to learn from mistakes.

Even though you may hear the phrase “a born leader” that’s not really how great leaders are made. It comes from a willingness to learn how to lead.

No one expects you to be perfect, in fact, pretending that you are will do more harm than good.

4. Communication is Key

It’s not enough to just listen and learn if you don’t share the information you gain when doing so. It’s vital that as a leader you communicate with your team. They can’t be inspired by you if you’re behind a closed door or have a closed mind.

Communication ensures everyone is on the same page. When each team member knows what the plan is and what is expected of them they can live up to those expectations.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to accomplish a goal without understanding what you’re working towards and why you’re doing it.

5. Good Leaders Inspire and Empower

Your team members were all hired because they had the skills and abilities you were looking for. Good leaders let their team do what they do best.

Tap into the skills, knowledge, and strength of each individual while offering support and resources for them to shine.

Great leaders aren’t defined by what they can do but what they inspire others to do.

Being an Effective Leader Takes Time

It takes time to learn how to be an effective leader in every situation. You need to adapt to the people and circumstance in front of you.

It takes time to develop the skills to inspire and motivate. Following these five steps will help make being an effective leader for any team possible as they see the example you set.

To learn more about being a great leader and how to take your organization to new levels of success contact us today.

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