Our workshops are divided up into four series. While each workshop within a series can be a stand-alone offering, we recommend individuals and teams work through the workshops in sequence to derive the full value of a series. Each series aligns with our BILT model and impacts employees and leader, supporting an organisation to shape and sustain good culture.

Values are core to an organisation’s desired culture. Values are guiding principles for ‘how we do things around here’. Defining company values is easy. Living them is not. The Values series seeks to support employees to live the values daily, and leaders to sustain a focus on both living the values and enabling their employees and teams to do the same.

We develop these workshops by blending the values of an organisation with our material, which can be branded as your organisation’s own workshop and delivered by Appletree. To date, we have designed and delivered “Living the Values” workshops for Mr Price Group, Decorland, Flash Mobile, Monteagle Logistics and Bidvest Tank Terminals.

The values series includes the following workshops:

Living the Values

Living the Values creates the space for all employees to connect with their workplace’s company values and align those values with their own.

The aim is to equip employees with the necessary skills and tools needed to live out the company values daily, especially when under pressure. By Living the Values, employees are, in turn, contributing toward shaping and sustaining good culture.

In this workshop, we answer the following questions together:

  • How do I live out the values of my organisation?
  • How do I contribute toward shaping the type of culture my organisations seeks to sustain?

Leading the Values

Leading the Values equips leaders to both live and lead company values, ensuring consistent and intentional focus on shaping and sustaining good culture.

Taking Living the Values one step further, this workshop raises the bar for leaders, who ultimately have the responsibility of encouraging and enabling their teams to live company values, at the same time. Leading the Values places emphasis on practical ways for leaders to work ‘on’ the business and not just ‘in’ it, which in turn means an organisation’s investment into shaping good culture is sustained.

In this workshop, we answer the following questions together:

  • How do I live out the values of my organisation?
  • How do I support my team to live out the values of my organisation?

Organisations require employees who bring sustained levels of energy into their work and have the emotional capacity to manage the pressure of everyday life. Wellness is all about developing health on the ‘inside’ and then transferring that health through to one’s thought life and ultimately to the way they live every day, impacting on overall levels of employee engagement.

The wellness series includes the following workshops:

Be Well

Every individual seeks to Be Well. This requires a strong connection to one’s identity.

Be Well looks at the core elements of one’s story and creates the space for reconnection to purpose, vision and values which we often drift away from amidst the busyness of everyday life.

In this workshop, we answer the following questions together:

  • How do I discover my story; who I am, my core values and reason for being?
  • How do I sustain a connection to my story so that I can remain authentic?

Think Well

Think Well explores our thought life. How we think determines how we act.

Our mindsets play a critical role in how we live our lives. Rarely do we consider how to cultivate and sustain resilience and health in this area.

In this workshop, we answer the following questions together:

  • How do I develop a resilient mindset that is responsive during periods of high stress?
  • How do I shift my self-talk to ensure my limiting beliefs don’t keep me in the comfort zone and limit my potential?

Live Well

To Live Well means to bring energy into everything that you do and to make intentional choices which serve you and the people around you.

Remaining energised and sustaining healthy habits is challenging, especially when we are under pressure and continuously busy.

In this workshop, we answer the following questions together:

  • How do I look after my emotional, physical, mental and spiritual life despite the challenges and demands placed on me?
  • How do I develop a way of living which ensures that I live intentionally and authentically as I work toward my goals?

The relationships series is all about going back to basics in how we build relationships and how we navigate tricky situations that we face with our stakeholders. This enables all employees to foster collaborative relationships within diverse teams and with all stakeholders.

The relationship series includes the following workshops:

Quality Relationships

The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships.

Building and sustaining healthy relationships with diverse groups of people can be out of our comfort zone. This workshop equips individuals to foster healthy relationships with the diverse range of people around them.

In this workshop, we answer the following questions together:

  • How do I become more aware of my relational style?
  • How do I build quality relationships with people who are not like me?

Quality Conversations

All of us are faced with tough conversations and relational situations which we don’t know how to navigate.

We all require practical steps to deal with conflict and tricky conversation which can arise at any given moment, or to foster collaborative relationships with people that we tend to avoid or don’t know how to handle.

In this workshop, we answer the following questions together:

  • How do I have tough conversations?
  • How do I navigate conflict, own my part and contribute toward finding resolution?

This series seeks to motivate leaders to lead well, given their influence on organisational culture, and equip them with practical tools to impact support high levels of engagement and performance daily.

The leadership series includes the following workshops:

Trust and Teams

High performing teams are founded on trust.

Every leader has the opportunity to foster trust through the way in which they lead. By fostering trust, leaders can ensure that a team works effectively toward collective goals, unburdened by unnecessary tension, conflict or high levels of disengagement.

In this workshop, we answer the following questions together:

  • How do I become more aware of how my leadership style either builds up or breaks down trust?
  • How do I intentionally cultivate trust between myself and my team as well as between my team members?

Coaching Conversations

Coaching is an essential ingredient in developing high performing teams.

Leaders are required to manage the tensions of getting the job done while enabling high performance. Performance is a product of emotional health and engagement, along with the skills one needs to fulfil their role beyond expectations.

In this workshop, we answer the following questions together:

  • How do I intentionally and consistently coach individuals as well as my team toward high levels of performance?
  • How do I effectively deal with low performers and give honest feedback?

Change Forward

The world is faster than ever before, requiring a new way of leading people forward into the future.

Today, leadership is about moving people through constant change and pressure, while maintaining engagement and ensuring high levels of performance.

In this workshop, we answer the following questions together:

  • How do I lead myself through change?
  • How do I lead my team through change?

Partners' Workshops

The Middle, an Appletree partner brand, seeks to encourage and equip individuals and teams through The Middle; the territory we must all navigate in pursuit of our goals. In today’s world, we require increased GRIT and RESILIENCE as we push through challenges and uncertainty.

The Middle Journey is offered in three formats:

  1. An online journey which you can do at your own pace. including seven modules, each module 7-8 minutes long supported by a reflection PDF for answering key questions.
  2. A Group offering which includes each individual engaging in the online modules before joining their team for a facilitated dialogue by one of The Middle coaches.
  3. An individual coaching offering which includes the online modules supported by one on one coaching sessions by one The Middle coaches.

The Middle Journey seeks to answer the following questions:

  • How do I develop the resilience and grit needed to sustain the endurance I require to stay the course?
  • How do I maintain momentum toward personal/collective goals despite the many challenges and barriers which stand in my way?
  • How do I remain agile and responsive as I work the plan within an uncertain environment?

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Get to know our clients


Kirsty Rowley

People Executive, MRP Money

Appletree is a business focused on creating tailored learning experiences that connect our people to the business vision. Travis and the team are passionately committed to making a difference in the world of people development. They have a team of experienced facilitators that bring the power of story to their sessions. Appletree is a business with ‘heart’!

Melisa Hadenham

HR Director – Beiersdorf

Appletree is a one of kind organization, their leaders Travis and Liesel are not just amazing experienced facilitators but just all round awesome people. They truly bring themselves to their sessions with a lot of heart , empathy and humility , and they genuinely want to make a difference and see your employees grow.

Lara Boucher

HR Business Partner, Derivco

Sarah has a real grasp of our business and what makes Derivco great. This has helped Appletree customise a program that suits our unique needs. Each of the sessions facilitated are authentic in how they are run and include real and relevant examples that assist our leaders in processing and internalising their learnings.

Charmaine Boshoff

Group Learning and Development Manager, RCL Foods

We, the Learning & Development team here at RCL FOODS, have partnered with Appletree for a number of years now to help us deliver world class L&D solutions and related interventions. We find them highly effective in doing so with some of their key strengths being; the customisation of solutions to meet our specific business requirements; an unmatched highly interactive & engaging facilitation style; and the use of the latest learning techniques and methodology.